Saturday, March 6, 2010

Birthday Cake!


I made my birthday cake this year (having the chance to make it is a part of the fun!) and I thought I was about to run out of chocoate frosting- there was a 3 inch section and maybe a tablespoon of frosting and somehow I seemed to come up with more than I needed! However, it didn't smooth out like I wanted it to, but that's okay. The cake itself was a mix of Too Much Chocolate Cake and Betty Crocker Golden Butter cake mix. The colored frosting is buttercream frosting and it blended very well with the rest of the cake. We served it with a mix of vanilla and chocolate checkered ice cream as the cake itself was supposed to be checkered. Note I did not supply a picture of the inside? It didn't turn out. But I will try again! It tasted delicious anyway and I had a wonderful time. Many thanks to my family and friends that came out to celebrate another blessed year! I also made a punch that turned out really good, with strawberry jello used as a base. It is a slushy punch that is just downright delicious!


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