Monday, July 5, 2010

Baby Boy Shower Cake

A friend of mine is expecting a boy and I volunteered to make her cake. I planned on trying to get the smoothest blue icing, but unfortunately, that didn't work out! That morning, I kneaded some blue into some fondant I had ready and decided to just cover it up. Whew! What a life-saver! Unfortunately, the cake also slid a wee on the "grease-proof" cake round, but oh well... Here is Baby Jesse David Scarborough's cake! Congratulations, Stacey and Jason! :o)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sweet Cheesy Enchiladas, Y'all!

I was looking through the Woman's Day magazine the other day and came across a recipe for some Easy Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas by Campbell's- being that my hubby has been requesting Mexican for some time (even though these were more Tex-Mex), I decided to make them. Boy am I glad I did! If you like any sort of cheese, or chicken, or any form of deliciousness, you have to make these. Later!

Friday, June 11, 2010

TiKi CaKe!

It was decided Monday that we would have a Luau party at work to have another excuse to eat. (Who doesn't love to eat?!) Anyway, I said I would make a cake and decided to make it resemble the face on the plates. I made Devil's Food cake with homemade chocolate frosting that I tried to make look like real wood. The rest of the face is marshmallow fondant.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

15th Birthday Cake - 2nd Full Fondant Attempt


My niece (the one I made the Skittles cake for last year) asked that I PLEASE make her cake this year. Her request? A two-tiered zebra striped cake with a purple peace sign on the 2nd tier. She later requested that I replace the peace sign with yellow flowers. I know she likes the color green so I used it to accent the cake as well.

I know the “15” looks a little like “25” but it was the only thing I could work with at the time since I rolled the fondant out a bit thickly and I was afraid to do any more with it. I brushed the number with Wilton’s “Leaf Green” pearldust to make it pretty. Needless to say, my niece LOVED the cake which made me very happy. Here’s to practicing more with fondant, it’s so much fun!



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31st Birthday Cake for Hubby


My dear husband had one request and one request only for his birthday cake. Too Much Chocolate Cake and chocolate frosting! I complied and had nothing but rave reviews, the cake was absolutely wonderful! Alas, I can only dream until I get to make it again! Anyone have this request? Anyone...?
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Bridal Shower Cake, 1st Full Fondant Attempt


It had been a while since I had a little pack of marshmallows just DYING to be made into fondant. I had made some earlier this year with marshmallow fluff with no success so I decided to get the miniature marshmallows and follow the recipe I had true to form. A co-worker's bridal shower was coming up so I decided to try my hand at it since I was itching to make the cake. Her colors were hot pink and orange. I didn't want to use hot pink food coloring and have people walking around with pink teeth! The best way to avoid this was to... Ta-da! Make the fondant! It was a lot of fun, though I had a little bit of trouble with it cracking a little. It still tasted great and everyone loved it.
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Friday, April 30, 2010

40th Birthday Cake


It was my wonderful sister-in-law's 40th birthday this past Sunday and I was more than eager to make a special cake for her. She requested yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I bought the mix since I am not used to yellow cake from scratch, but I completely decided against canned frosting. It's just not the same! I also decided to make some marshmallow fondant for the decorations. It was a sticky mess for a while, but a lot of fun to work with. As you can see, I made a "V" for the topper; her name is Vikki. I also sprinkled a few edible silver dragees to add some prettiness.



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Wednesday, April 21, 2010



Desperate for something sweet the other night, I figured the lonely zucchini in my refrigerator wouldn't mind if I used it for something sweet rather than salty. I don't seem to be very good with sauteeing this vegetable so I went for the sugar- adding in some chocolate chips for good measure. YUM!
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Birthday Cake!


I made my birthday cake this year (having the chance to make it is a part of the fun!) and I thought I was about to run out of chocoate frosting- there was a 3 inch section and maybe a tablespoon of frosting and somehow I seemed to come up with more than I needed! However, it didn't smooth out like I wanted it to, but that's okay. The cake itself was a mix of Too Much Chocolate Cake and Betty Crocker Golden Butter cake mix. The colored frosting is buttercream frosting and it blended very well with the rest of the cake. We served it with a mix of vanilla and chocolate checkered ice cream as the cake itself was supposed to be checkered. Note I did not supply a picture of the inside? It didn't turn out. But I will try again! It tasted delicious anyway and I had a wonderful time. Many thanks to my family and friends that came out to celebrate another blessed year! I also made a punch that turned out really good, with strawberry jello used as a base. It is a slushy punch that is just downright delicious!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Baby Burgers!


I couldn't help but think of Burger King's commercial when the guy opens up his bag of food and gets flocked by women, one of them purring, "What cute little buuurrrggeerrs!" when we made these last night. I was in the mood for homemade burgers and I have wanted to make sliders for the longest time so I bought Pepperidge Farms slider buns and asked Billy to do me the honors of mixing the hamburger with some yummy spices for us to eat. Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy them as much since I was sick, but they were very delicious nonetheless. Aren't they cuuuuttteee?
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rabbit Food!

Okay, so it's not really rabbit food, but a really REALLY great salad I discovered thanks to a coworker taking it on one of our many days of food parties. I just fell in love with the colors and of course, being that it's healthy, I made as much as I could! It's very simple, yet very delicious. For serving a large crowd, here is what you need:

1 Head of lettuce, torn into pieces and washed
1 bag of Fresh Express (or any brand) Spring Mix (it helps to wash this as well, gets rid of the plastic bag flavor)
1 hothouse cucumber (or any, the hothouse comes wrapped in plastic and it is very delicious)
1/2 red onion, sliced
1 red, 1 green and 1 yellow bell pepper all sliced
1 quart cherry tomatoes, cut in half
Croutons (whichever you like)
Ranch or Italian dressing. Either of these seems to be pretty good for this salad.
Toss everything together and enjoy!
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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Thursday night I was itching to use a buttercream frosting I had previously frozen, just to make sure the rumors were true that it froze well. I had only had it for about 2 weeks so it wasn't surprising that it was still absolutely DELICIOUS! This frosting is supposed to freeze well for up to three months. No way could I wait that long to make something! I used the Daisy Sour Cream Chocolate Cake recipe for the cupcakes and took it from there.

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