Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New York, New Yorkkkk.... Part I

Alrighty! I am posting a few favorites I had while I still felt good... ;o) First thing we ate when we got to New York was a corner stand pretzel. It was delicious as we were starving! Needless to say, I didn't get a picture of it... (Like you really care to see a big, salted pretzel...?) Anywhooo, Billy and I headed down some street in New York in search for some eats. We found a place called "3 Guys".

We found a plethora of food and I decided on a turkey avocado pita while Billy chose "chicken" with a Greek salad. I quoted/unquoted chicken because it tasted and looked more like turkey bacon, but it was still good.

For Dinner we headed over to a Thai restaurant named Chada. It took Bijal a few frantic texts and voicemails to a friend to find it, but we finally got there! Billy had the Drunken Noodles dish (it was delish!) and the Thai iced tea.

Bijal ordered the veggie duck with rice (yes, duck flavored soy, it was surprisingly yummy) and the Thai iced tea. I went safe and had the steak with veggies. (Bok Choy and a few others.)

Next, we ended the day with some of the best frozen yogurt I have ever had, RED MANGO!!! Billy had pineapple with strawberries, I had CHOCOLATE with strawberries, and Bijal had chocolate with these little things that resembled mini-marshmallows. They were great!

Tomorrow, New York, New Yorkkkk.... Part II!!!

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  1. So many yummy things I can't have. Sigh. I will live vicariously. Bring on the yummies!