Saturday, May 23, 2009

Skittles... Taste the Rainbow!

My niece LOOOOOVES Skittles- and she wanted a Skittles cake for her birthday! Naturally, I HAD to ask if I could make the cake... I had an idea for a large Skittle surrounded by a couple of smaller ones in different colors and she said YES! I was going to place a dome upside down with one on top of it, but that would have caused a MAJOR cake wreck; the top half was too heavy for the bottom half to hold and it almost started splitting. We ended up with 4 cakes, two large domes and 2 little ones. They each had a letter like the "S" on the Skittle, except she wanted me to put her friends' initials on their favorite colors. Her name is Josie and she wanted the "J" on the blue cake, and we also had an "L" for the red cake and a "K" for the green cake. The "S" was saved for the large yellow. :o)

Surprise! Skittles!

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  1. I ran across your log while poking through CakeWrecks (I love that blog!!). Your Skittles cakes are absolutely adorable! I especially liked the Skittle surprise on the inside. And the chocolate cashew cake in the next post looks SO yummy. Keep up the good work and you'll have to take the "Noob" off your blog before you know it!