Sunday, May 30, 2010

15th Birthday Cake - 2nd Full Fondant Attempt


My niece (the one I made the Skittles cake for last year) asked that I PLEASE make her cake this year. Her request? A two-tiered zebra striped cake with a purple peace sign on the 2nd tier. She later requested that I replace the peace sign with yellow flowers. I know she likes the color green so I used it to accent the cake as well.

I know the “15” looks a little like “25” but it was the only thing I could work with at the time since I rolled the fondant out a bit thickly and I was afraid to do any more with it. I brushed the number with Wilton’s “Leaf Green” pearldust to make it pretty. Needless to say, my niece LOVED the cake which made me very happy. Here’s to practicing more with fondant, it’s so much fun!



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